Calves are one of those body parts that people seem to “have” or “don’t have”. This is why many people who don’t have them spend time looking for an article such as this…

I will be there first to tell you this is article will not give you the perfect calf workout or even breakdown some ancient chinese secret known only to the warrior elite class.

What I will attempt to do is give you some of my tips and pointers which helped me along the way.
Tip #1: More is better

When I say more I mean add more number of days you workout your calves, not more weight. The first time that I start seeing shape and definition is when I start to work cavles twice a week. To add to this crazy notion I didn’t even touch my calves on “leg day”. So on days my split body part days, “Back and Biceps” & “Chest and Triceps”, I would work cavles in between my execise.

Tip #2: Isolation

I found that when I worked each calf by itself lead to a better workout and even a better “pump” of the muscle. Even with machines deisgn to use both legs I would use less weight which in fact allowed me to use one leg at a time.

Tip #3: Stretch

I learned that if I performed a good stretch in between sets would allow my muscle to recover quicker this allow me to do more reps or add more sets to my workout depending on the exercise.

Tip #4: Mix it up

We all know muscle have memory and that they can adapt very quickly. So this should not shock anyone that has been working out for sometime that they confusing you calve muscle like any other muscle is key. So it goes with out saying but I’m saying it “Mix it up”.

Here are a few exercise that you can use: