Recently I have had a ton of folks ask me how I’m losing weight, which I don’t mind and always answer. The problem that I am starting to run into is when people want me to tell them how they should lose the weight. I have a problem with that because as I read and learn more I understand that each person is unique and that each person must find the plan that is right for his or herself.

I have been suggesting reading for people that have been asking me what they should do to lose the weight. The funny thing is that when you tell people the truth they typically don’t want to hear it. I’m starting to understand that if your not mentally ready then it just wont work for you.

So to steal a line for Muta over at Mr. Low Body Fat, if you not ready mentally then don’t waste your time. Enjoy those fatting food that you have been eating and don’t put yourself through the pain. Just accept it that your fat and happy and that O.K. I was fat and happy for many years (I thought) it was when I became fat and unhappy that I made up my mind to do something different.

AND I STRUGGLE EVERYDAY TO STAY FOCUS but I got a goal and I determined to reached no what the effort or time period, and if your ready you can do it too.. We all Can!!!!!!