I have been doing really well on my journey to my new level of fitness and health and I have been getting a lot of compliments. I’m between 238 and 235 depending on what time of the day I get on the scale. I must admit that I do enjoy the extra attention and assume it can only get better as I continue towards my goal.

Now the reason I titled this post time to get started is because my buddy who is about 6 foot tall and roughly 330 pounds got sent home from work today because he was experiencing chest pains (scary). He went to the doctor and discovered he blood pressure was a whopping 165 over 90. After hearing about my buddy and knowing my own history (last year my Blood pressure was 140 over 90), I decide to get my BP checked out. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my BP is 126 over 78 (within normal ranges according to the BP chart http://www.disabled-world.com/artman/publish/bloodpressurechart.shtml)

My buddy is in the second stage of high BP and he is only 33, I told him that maybe he should try what I’m doing because my health has already improved and I’m not anywhere near my goal. My doctor has told me that even a small reduction in weight 5 to 10 pounds can make a huge difference in blood pressure so get started today and feel better.