Hey Fam! I recently was having a very hard time dropping weight, so I asked a few people I respect what I should do. Very surprisingly I was told that I needed to stop working out and to raise my calorie intake to around 2500 daily, which would be maintenance level for me. I was very reluctant to say the least and I still am to honest.

The week is finally over but do to my work schedule I will not be back in the gym until Tuesday and I must admit I feel weak and fat. I was told that I might gain some weight simply because I was increasing calories and I would have more water retention. I went from 191 to 197 in about 8 days, 6 WHOLE POUNDS!

That sucks and I can not wait until I get my but back in the gym, I’m hoping that I start to see the results that I am expecting and I hope I can maintain the same levels of intensity that I had before.

Now the reasons That I was told the lay off is because after cutting calories for over 9 months and by constantly stressing my body through strenuous exercise I could have had lowered testosterone levels. I will be the first to admit that I have had a higher sex drive this week than I did in the last few months, so in that aspect the lay off was a good thing.

I will be sure to report my results back and let you guys know how the week off effected my weight-loss and weight training. I will admit I am proud of myself because in the past if I had taken a week off there is no way I would be as eager to get back at it. Take care and I’ll holla!