Ok heres a post that is dear to my heart…SPLENDA! When I was first introduced to Splenda I thought that it was a gift from God. I was amazed at the thought of being able to get all the benefits of a sweetner without the side effects of sugar and it is 0 calories as well; GREAT!.

Unfortunately for me I was WRONG. Splenda in many expert opinions (Mine too) is toxic and contains Chlorine (yes the stuff you put in the pool). Splenda it seems was discovered quite accidently. Splenda was actually intended to be a pesticide (Yikes… Yes a Bug Killer) before it was determined that it had a sweet taste.

In fact the only reason it was consumed by a human is because a scientist said to another scientist that he should test the splenda and he heard “taste the splenda” and the rest is as they say history. Splenda is chemically very similar to the insecticide DDT and it has been proven that DDT can cause organ, genetic, and reproductive damage.

The main ingredient in Splenda other than Chlorine is called Sucralose.  Sucralose falls into the same category as Aspartame and the other harmful sweeteners out there… So STAY AWAY!!!! I be posting about better sweeteners that are natural in another post, until then………. I’ll Holla!!!