O.K. there I said it ”I am addicted to sweets,” I found my self sitting in my son’s bedroom with a half-full bag of yogurt covered raisins. As I munched on hand full after hand full of raisins I began to understand why I was and will always be fat! Now don’t get me wrong I will not always be fat physically but I will always deal with the mental aspect of being fat. So will you if you lose the weight so accept it now as hard as it is to lose the weight it is harder to keep it off. I’ll repeat it is harder to keep the weight off, now the good thing is once you get down you’ll be able to get it off easier because you will know how but we don’t even want to start the yo-yo dieting thing. Now I’ll tell you guys because I stay honest on this site because the people that came here are my support and I want them to understand what is going on. I gain 9 pounds in the last 3 weeks, right now I am at 199/200, horrible right? Well yes and no I had been struggling with what I should be doing which programs I should be incorporating and a whole bunch of other stuff. Well out the window with all of that junk, I’m going back to my body weight exercises and I’m going to do weights to. I’m going to train as hard as I have in the past, if I gain muscle great if I don’t that is good too. The bottom line is too get lean and to continue to do the things that I enjoyed during my weight-loss. Basically I’m going back to having fun, I’m not monitoring my protein intake any more, I’m not drinking a bunch of shakes that add to calorie intake, nope not going to do it. Oh another thing if you gain 10 pounds you can both see it in the mirror and feel it when you exercise, I suggest when you guy drop the weight you still keep an eye on the scale, it is better to lose 10 pounds than to have to lose 40. I’m feeling good getting back into the grove, keep supporting me I appreciate you all.