What up !! I been doing a whole lot of research this week and while do that research I ran across a article on Metabolic Typing. I found that metabolic typing is a form of customizing a diet to the specific needs of a person body.

Basically the supporters of metabolic typing feel that each person has unique nutritional needs and that once you identify these needs then it is easier to determine what type of diet that the person should be on. It is a very interesting subject and I plan on buying a book on the subject this week. I do know that Jillian Michaels has devoted an entire chapter to the subject in her book “Winning by Losing,” I just ordered her book from Amazon and can’t wait for it to arrive.

The basics of metabolic typing as I understand it, is through answering a series of questions that a persons type is determined. It is then determined if your diet may be more effective with more complex carbs, or protein, or a mixture of both. I’m not yet sure if this eating plan works as advertised but here is what I can tell you. I tried the Atkins diet twice and loss a good amount of weight both times (roughly 30 pounds) but I would always stall out or have cravings for sweets and that would rail road my diet.

This time when I decided to change my eating habits I did some research and while I don’t eat many simple carbs I do eat a ton of fruit which is full of complex carbs. I have not had a sweet craving in months and I have loss more weight than I ever have in my life. I think that there may be something to this metabolic typing thing, I will get more information and pass it along. Alright I can’t type anymore I’ll holla…..