It might be time to regroup! As I have stated before I’m having a hard time with the cravings I have been having and quite frankly I’m a little scared. I keep losing control of what I eat (I understand how I gained all the weight). I haven’t been posting as often because I been a little embarrassed because I’m not progressing like I know I can. I decided that most of you will go through this, so why not post how I’m dealing with it.

I feel like I got to keep up the good work because I don’t want to let anyone down, but who am I doing this for me or them? I don’t know I just feel guiltywhen someone comes up to me and says ” wow! you look great, what’s your secret?” I feel guilty because I know I just ate a few cookies or because I didn’t go to the gym today or for ever the reason. When I started I was doing it for me and I wasn’t looking for instant results, but I lost the weight fast (8 months almost 100 pounds) and now nothing. I know eventually I’ll get back to being discipline, but right now I have been struggling, I’m not going to stop trying but I do know that I’ll be doing this for the rest of my life. I would also like to thank John (lean & mean) and Muta (Mr. low body fat) for all of the encouragement, I have really needed it lately. Wish me luck……………..SadFace