Is salad dressing sabotaging your weight-loss? This is a really good question because when I speak with people and they tell me I’m eating three salads a day and I’m not losing weight. The first things I say is why are you eating only salad and what type of dressing are you putting on that salad. Now I don’t advocate eating only salad because there is normally not enough protein or variety in salads, so I wouldn’t recommend a salad diet only. Now that being said what you put on that seemingly healthy can derail you.

I use to eat salads and I would pour Italian salad dressing all over it, in essence what I was doing was turning a healthy 300 or 450 calorie salad into a 1050 calorie meal! Two teaspoons of Italian salad dressing is 110 calories and most of us use far more than 2 teaspoons and blue cheese, ranch, and French dressing can be even worse. Now what should you do? No one wants to eat a salad with no dressing, that’s just blah!!! Here is what I would suggest you can try those spry spritzers, 20 sprays is about 20 calories but the sugar count is a little on the high side. You can also try having your salad dressing on the side, dipping your fork in it then eating your salad.

Finally here is the approach I take because I don’t eat much sugar I use rice vinegar instead of salad dressings. I love rice vinegar because it is only about 5 calories per serving and comes in several different flavors. So try some of these suggestions and maybe you salad dressing will stop sabotaging your weight-loss.