What up! Yep I’m still researching the importance of protein in my diet. I’m kind of flabby since losing weight and I now feel that I need to build muscle to combat the fat I still have on my body. I mean I’m 193 but I still have over 20 percent body fat! I’ve been working out and reading, reading, reading. There so much information out there that I sometimes forget about my own  blog. Well what most experts are saying about protein is that when lifting weights to gain muscle you should have at least 1 gram of protein for every pound you weight. That means that I should be eating 193 grams of protein! Wow that is alot of food Huh? That why they make protein shakes, I was torn on whether I should be taken them because I don’t want to gain any fat but what I’m going to do is monitor my calorie intake very closely and ensure that the added shake don’t cause me to go over my 2000 calories, which I very seldom go over anyway (actually don’t eat enough some days, Go figure!). Well that is all I got today I’ll be sure to get more info and pass it along. Oh heres a few links for you guys to check out. (I like this one the best)