Every year there comes a villain that derails the fat mans attempt at weight-loss. I have given in to this evil villain disguised in pony tails and bright smiles. That’s right the dreaded villain I am speaking of are the girl scouts.

This year my wife came home with 5 boxes of cookies the first few days I resisted the temptation to devour every box in the cabinet. Today was the day that I could no longer resist. I haven’t been exercising much still kind of recouping from my trip to Miami. So as I was lounging around the house I noticed a half open box of smores.

Now smores are my absolute favorite Girl Scout cookie. They are soft and deciduous, kind of chocolaty too. So I gave in and ate 6 smores cookies but then after that I didn’t follow my own advice of a cheat meal or snack and I went back and ate 5 more.

Needless to say I feel horrible but I’m not going to beat myself up hell I’m 210 down from 290 I can afford at set back or 2. I will stay committed to have a better day tomorrow and the day after. I should be O.K. as there are no more girly scout cookies in the house (vile girl scouts).  I’ll holla fam….