Hey folks! Have you ever heard of Bizzaro Superman? Bizzaro Superman is the complete opposite of Superman, he is mean, Krytonite doesn’t hurt him, and he is generally a bad dude. Well this is my BIZZARO post, I’m going to tell you all the reasons you should give up your diet and just stay fat.

1. Fast Food – Fast food just taste so damn good, why would you want to give it up. I mean sure the high fat content, MSG, cholesterol, and other toxins will probably kill you but hey your gonna die one day right? So why not eat up while your here.

2. Exercise – Why would you want to do strenuous exercise when you could just lay around and relax. I mean there is nothing like relaxing on the couch with a big plate of treats. I think the only exercise you should be doing is the jelly donut run! That is running to the fridge to grab a few jelly donuts!

3. Lose Skin – Now if you were to lose weight you would have all that nasty, flabby lose skin hanging around. Wouldn’t you prefer to be nice firm and round, you know the ole beach ball look. I know that lose skin eventually tightens, but who wants to deal with the hassle. Keep the skin good and tight with that extra thick padding.

4. Clothes – Now if you lose weight you will have to buy new clothes, that can be rather expensive. Imagine losing 50 or 60 pounds, going from a 3x shirt to a large. This can put a rather larger dent in your wardrobe. Wouldn’t you prefer to stay fat so that those extra large clothes you bought in the 80′s will still fit? I mean if you lose the weight how will you fit into that jacket with the shoulder pads.

5. Comfort – Fat is just more comfortable than skin and bones. Sure there will be some carnival rides that you will not be able to fit into, but the people in the ride with you will be happy because they will have you to protect them with your natural padding from any bumps in the ride. Fat also jiggles when you walk, which makes the whole world smile bright!