Hey all you people out there in blogerville! I have not been as active as I should have been in recent weeks but that is about to change. In the next few months I will be documenting my weight-loss journey. Yes Im back on my journey. Unfortunately I have GAINED a few pounds by not listening to my own advice. I’m up to 218 these days from the 190 – 185 I felt comfortable with. While I have continued to go to the gym at least 3 times per week I have engaged in a few unhealthy activities that have lead to the weight gain.

One thing about this site is we keep it real here, when things are great we report them when things are other wise we report them. I have really been going out and drinking way too much on the weekends (and the weekdays) and as I drink my ambitions are lowered which leads to late night COOKIE snacking (brownies too)! One thing about weight-loss at least for me is that is gives you more confidence which makes you want to go out and live life (I’m the life of the party), but in doing so you must continue to practice good habits.

One of the good things about me is that I continued to go to the gym so while I put on weight my body structure is different but I don’t want to end up being one of those fat dude in the gym who looks like he was in shape 10 years ago. So what is the plan you ask, I have listed below some of the good habits I will be reincorporating into my lifestyle:

Weigh ins: It is important to weight yourself so that you know exactly where your at.

No Drinking:(at least not as much): going to slow the drinking down. No more Margarita Mondays, fat Tuesdays, Wet Willie Wednesdays, Karaoke Thursdays, and then lets not even talk about Friday and Saturday. I’m going to limit my drinking to no more than one day a week and I’m going to monitor my in take very closely (guess I can’t drink that bottle of coconut Ciroc)

Home Cooking:I had started to eat more pre-packaged food which IS NOT what I did to lose the weight. I followed a more paleo eating style which basically means that I ate primarily natural foods which did not include very many processed foods. So I am headed back to the basics!

Gym:I absolutely love the gym even though I don’t think anyone needs to go there to lose weight (body weight exercises are great). I personally find the gym to be a stress reliever and will Never stop going (Lots of pretty girls in the gym too). One thing I will be doing is more cardio as opposed to as much weight-lifting.

Know what your eating and how much: Back to the old trusty food journal and calorie counter. If you know what you’re eating it is easier to make adjustments if you aren’t seeing success.

Those are the main building blocks that I have found to successful weight-loss. So wish me luck and post some comments let me know what your doing and how your doing it! There will also be a new segment coming out call Fad Diet Fred where one of our writers writes about different diets that he has tried himself or that someone he knows has tried. He will give his opinon on if the fad diet is worth trying or not!