big_oatmeal_raisin_cookiesTo cheat or not to cheat that is the question. Now let me clarify many people have cheats days that they subscribe to when they are on their diets (and in my opinion they are on diets, not a life change). A cheat normally works something like a person eats well and watches their intake for 6 days then on the 7 day they reward themselves with food or the concept that the can now ingest all the foods that are not good for them simply because they refrained for 6 days.

Let me ask you a question if a person is addicted to crack cocaine and they wean themselves off of it for 6 days should we applaud them for then indulging on the 7th day? I (as you can probably can tell) do not believe that any diet or life change will be successful over the long haul if you don’t break all of the old bad habits. I think by incorporating a cheat day you are only reinforcing the bad habits that you have.

Now don’t get me wrong I do think that you should cheat every so often but not as frequently as weekly and not for a whole day. I has fell off the wagon plenty of times, heck I even planed to cheat on Thanksgiving. The thing I don’t do however is subscribe to a cheat day. Lets look at this example:

Lets say during lunch I decide I want a scoop of ice cream, I ‘ve just added about an extra 500 or 600 calories to my daily calorie count. Bad, yeah but not horrible. Now lets say on my cheat day I have pancakes, grits, and eggs for breakfast (1100 cals). Then a cheese burger, fries, and a shake for lunch (1510 cals). Finally a big bowl of spaghetti with cheese, garlic bread, and a piece of cake for desert (1332). I would have consumed a total of 3942 calories about 1942 calories than I should have.

So I suggest that when you cheat and you will make it a meal not a day and don’t do it as a reward or on a weekly basis. Alright fam as usual I will Holla…..