Hello everybody out there in LOSE FAT LAND! I really didn’t do much research on any particular subject this week. I did have a great week of workouts and I think that rest week has re-energized me. In another week or so I will know if weight starts falling off. I decided to write a poem this week to express how I have been feeling, I’m not great poet so be kind with the comments.

I use to be quite obese

Consuming sugary snacks and meals drenched in grease

I tried for years to confront my demons and fears

Teased and made to feel inadequate by peers

What should I do, how do I solve the equation

I tried everything from Nutrisystem, Atkins, to starvation

Finally I did what was best

I studied my diet and let my body do the rest

Now sugary snacks are a thing of the past

I consumer fruits, veggies, and calories that last

I’m doing it, and I hope to inspire others

Let obesity be a thing of the past so no more of us suffer

You can do it to, if only you believe

It may be hard at first, but over time it will ease

If you have a set back, don’t let that be the end

Pick your self up and start over again