I have discovered that I love to cook since starting this new life change that I have embarked on. That being said I have decided that I will share some of the healthy recipes that I have learned with my readers. One of my favorite dishes to make when I am on the grill are grilled pears. Grilled pears are a healthy way for me to satisfy my sweet tooth without all of the unhealthy calories.


2 pears

1/4 cup olive oil

3 table spoons of vinegar or rice vinegar

2 pinches of pepper

20 drops of Stevia (can be found in GNC or like stores)

The first thing I do is get a few medium pears and cut them down the middle in half. I set them to the side and then I mix the rest of my ingredients in a skilet and heat the mixture until right before boiling. I then let the mixture cool in a bowl, once cool I take my pears and place them in the bowl face down.

I let the pear marinate for about 20 to 30 minuets. next I grill the pears for about 15 minuets over mediumheat. Finally serve you can also cover the top of the pears with blue cheese, or bacon if you like. Without the bacon or blue cheese if you eat all four pear half that about 300 calories.

I’ll Holla…..