Hey Guy and Girls out there in blogerville, today I want to talk about quick weight loss. Really what I mean is you weight-loss will NOT be quick, I repeat this will take some time. I started last year and I lost weight really fast, I did about 100 pounds in about 10 months. Fast right, yeah I agree but my body is not were I want it to be and it might take years for me to reach the body I want.

You see the initial weight loss is only have the battle the next half is training your body to do what it hasn’t in years “Build Muscle.” I still have about 18 percent body fat but I’m making the right training choices and the body is also starting to show the effect of my training. Another thing that we all must remember is that each of us is different and what might work well for one might not work well for someone else.

A good example of this is me and my business partner. I got the guy started about 6 months ago and told what he needed to be doing, well he listened to a degree but was adamant about lifting weights. I tried talking him out of it thinking it would only hinder his progress but he wouldn’t listen. Well I hadn’t seen him in about 2 months so we hooked up yesterday to workout and dude was ripped! Don’t get me wrong he still has weight to drop but the weight is much firmer and looks much better. That just goes to show different stroke for different folks. Listen to the blog people but remember each of us is different and what might work for me might not work for you.